Neil Mix

Software Architecture & Design

About Me

I guide companies as they bring software to market. A veteran of several venture capital backed startups, I've had the fortune of co-founding an exit to Microsoft and building Pandora Radio from inception to household name to IPO. My professional experience spans every aspect of software engineering and company development, from hands-on coding and UX design to product management, executive leadership, business strategy, and capital allocation.

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We're turning the corner into a new phase of growth.
We need to chart a path forward out of technical debt.
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Technology exists to serve customer needs.
Our company is bounded only by the potential of our people.
The skills that got us here won't get us where we're headed.
Managing technology begins by managing complexity.
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Software Changes the World

I'm glad you're here. I founded Quadrant on the idea that software changes the world by creating value, bit by bit. I'm here to help you find the best path to capture that value without taking on a ton of risk. If consistently shipping high-quality software sounds appealling, you've found the right place. Thank you for the opportunity to join your team. I believe software changes the world by creating value, and I take joy in playing a part in that creation. I'm seeking an environment that values high quality, calm execution, and great user experience. I hope that aligns well with your organization, and I appreciate your interest.


For over a quarter century I've been building software, and for more than a decade I've been leading teams while advising founders, CEOs, and executives to shape their strategies. I'd like to use my broad background as a founder, engineer, team leader, and venture capitalist to help you build world-class software that fulfills your vision.

Leadership Ethos

A business partner once told me that I'm "unflappable and get things shipped". I love this statement as a reflection of my principles, which can be outlined in a simple diagram - Composed → Focused → Productive - but are best articulated starting from the outcome and working to the foundation:


I define engineering productivity as the delivery of a sellable product, and it is the reason engineering teams exist. Employee satisfaction is most highly correlated to productivity, and iterative delivery is the foundation of elite software business execution. For these reasons, productivity and delivery are the North Star of my efforts.


Delivery suffers without focus. Define the outcome and identify the steps to achieve it. Eliminate distractions, mitigate obstacles, and ensure adequate resourcing. If plans aren't adding up, change the parameters (scope, time, resourcing) until they do. Lather, rinse, repeat. This is how I help teams maintain the focus they need to be productive.


Focus is undermined by anxiety, distraction, over-commitment, and their ilk. Basic neuroscience shows us that these gremlins short-circuit higher-order problem solving capabilities. What follows is misdirection, failure to deliver, demoralization, and ultimately apathy. I exude a calm, safe, and yet determined demeanor for teams that keeps them composed, resulting in creativity, empowerment, honesty, and engagement.

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2017 - present

Research, development, commercialization, and process automation consulting.
2022 - 2024
VP of Engineering, Strategic Advisor

Responsible for web, mobile, and ML engineering. Advisor to company regarding VC positioning and engineering leadership transition.

2019 - 2022

Founding partner of a venture capital firm formed from a partnership between Microsoft and the Green Bay Packers. Our firm raised $25 million from 17 limited partners and invested in 23 companies, of which I led 7 investments deploying $4.5 million in capital.

2015 - 2017
VP of Software

Responsible for the full stack of software product development from inception through release. Brought the company's long overdue products to market across several platforms with limited resources.

2004 - 2015
Director of Engineering

First engineer to code Pandora's Internet radio service. Built web, iPhone, and iPad apps. Built and managed advertising platform to $1 billion annual revenue run rate.

2001 - 2004
Principle Engineer

Built and managed numerous initiatives as part of Kenamea's enterprise messaging platform.

1999 - 2001
Director of Engineering

Built software and managed engineering for newly launched companies and products.

Merchant Planet
1997 - 1999

Built e-commerce shopping-cart capabilities for small business websites. Acquired by LinkExchange and subsequently acquired by Microsoft in 1998, it was incorporated into Microsoft's online small business offering.

Board Memberships

Winnebago Seed Fund, 2016-
Bovisync, 2017-
Fork Farms, 2021-2024
Liveality, 2015-2023
Allergy Amulet, 2020-2022


University of Minnesota
Bachelor of Music, 1997
Piano Performance major
Computer Science minor